NetVerify 2021 - Network Verification Workshop

In conjunction with the 29th IEEE ICNP 2021, Online, November 1, 2021

Workshop Program

9AM-9:45AM CST / 7:00AM – 7:45AM PST Opening and Keynote – Dave Maltz’s Keynote.
5 - minute break.
9:50AM – 11:30AM CST / 7:50AM – 9:30AM PST Session 1 – Physical network verification (4 papers – 25 mins each)
  1. NCVS: Network Change Validation Service for Azure Datacenters – Andrey Rybalchenko, Microsoft Research
  2. Framework for Mining High-Level Intents from Low-Level Network Behavior - Ali Kheradmand, UIUC, Google
  3. Detecting Configuration Errors Via Pattern Mining - Jyotirmay Chauhan, Devon Lee, Emily Yu and Aaron Gember-Jacobson, Colgate University
  4. Predictable and verifiable datacenter network performance with EQDS - Costin Raiciu, Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti, Romania
30-minute break for lunch
12:00 – 12:40PM CST/ 10:00AM – 10:40AM PST Keynote II – Anees Shaikh's Keynote
12:40PM – 2:20PM CST/ 10:40AM – 12:20PM PST Session 2 – Virtual network verification (4 papers – 25mins each)
  1. Software As a Network and the Implications for Verification - Bingzhe Liu and Brighten Godfrey, UIUC
  2. Verifying Configurations of Google Virtual Private Cloud Networks - Ivy Liu, Vishal Gupta and Kan Cai, Google
  3. Test Abstractions and Coverage for Network Security Policy Verification - Victor Heorhiadi and Benjamin F. Jones, Amazon Web Services
  4. Intermediate Representation for Verifying Virtual Networks in Azure - Ryan Beckett, Microsoft Azure
10-minute break
2:30PM – 3:45PM CST / 12:30PM – 1:45PM PST Session 3 – Short papers (5 papers - 15 minutes each)
  1. Exploiting Formal Methods To make The Domain Name System More Robust - Siva Kesava Reddy Kakarla, UCLA
  2. Snowcap: Synthesizing Network-Wide Configuration Updates - Tibor Schneider, ETH Zurich
  3. Towards Agile Network Operation with Layer 4.5 Protocol Customization - Daniel Lukaszewski and Geoffrey Xie, Naval Postgraduate School
  4. Labyrinth: a Set Theoretic Approach to Network Flow Analysis - Michael Hopcroft, Microsoft
  5. MachSMT: Machine learning based Algorithm Selection for SMT Solvers - Joseph Scott, University of Waterloo
5-minute break
3:50PM – 4:50PM CST / 1:50PM – 2:50PM PST Panel discussion: Network Verification - Opportunities and Challenges
  1. Gargi Adhav, Google
  2. Brighten Godfrey, UIUC
  3. Nikhil Handigol, Forward Networks
  4. Ratul Mahajan, IntentionNet & Univ. of Washington
  5. Edet Nkposong, Microsoft (Moderator)
  6. Jitu Padhye, Microsoft






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